Big Australia, New Zealand Office Event Video


Our Mission

At the beginning of February, everyone will come together from Schaeffler's Australian and New Zealand offices to participate in the official opening ceremony of Schaeffler's new Belrose office. Our mission is to capture the highlights of this once in a lifetime event and focus on all the important aspects of it.


We want to show the emotions, reactions, and personalities of people working at the company and will also showcase the features of the new office.

The goal is to create something unique to Schaeffler what people can share and talk about both internally and externally doing it in a dynamic and innovative way what represents the values of Schaeffler. 


This is a very important event in the company's history and will strengthen people's bond with the company and make them proud of the great organisation they are working at, that's why it's important to capture it the best possible way. 


The Big Event - Promotional Short Film




  • Coming up with the creative concept


  • Storyboarding


  • Constructing the scene list


  • 3 hours of shooting on the 1st day of the event


  • 3 hours of shooting on the 2nd day of the event

  • 1,5 weeks of editing





  • 1 one minute long professional promotional video.


  • 15 edited photos


  • 2 modification rounds if needed



 Original Price: $1500/day, $3000 for two days of shooting.


Promotional Schaeffler Price $1000/day, $2000 for two days of shooting










Let me know if you have any questions

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