Comprehensive Training Video Package

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comprehensive video package for the next 5-10 years, to maximise the efficiency and consistency of the training of our new starters and fundraisers on every topic they need to master.

Comprehensive Media Package




  • Complete strategic session to come up with the best concepts


  • Creating creative concepts


  • Storyboarding if needed


  • 2 days of production

  • Title animations, animated captions

  • Licensed music


  • 2 weeks of editing

  • 2 modification rounds





  • 1x PFRA rules video (3-5 minutes, landscape format)

  • 1x Onboarding video (3-5 minutes, landscape format)

  • 1x Stopping techniques video (3-5 minutes, landscape format)

  • 3x Individual campaign pitches video (3-5 minutes, landscape format)

  • 1x Post-Construction Management (3-5 minutes, landscape format​)



Price for other clients: $ 9,900

Price for Fundamental: $ 4,700










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