Thrive Theory Workshop - How to train your nervous system 

We all want to live life without limiting ourselves, living up to our potential and truly thrive.

But stress, chronic thinking, fear and anxiety are blocking our way to reach our ideal state of mind to do so.

We are continuously looking for solutions in the form of many different kinds of mediations, trainings, books and other practices and we get lost in all the options, spreading ourselves out even more without actually finding a real solution ending up being even more frustrated, continuing the same behavior patterns living in survival mode.


What if you would find out that all these practices are only solving the symptoms and barely scratching the surface without solving the root cause of all the above-mentioned problems...


What if you would know that the solution you were looking for is already hardwired into your biology and if you learn how to train your nervous system you can unlock the ideal mind state what works the best in real life situations not just in perfect conditions.



About The Program


  • Scientifically proven method by an international research as a result of the collaboration of three different research groups based in Oslo, San Diego and Sydney. 


  • The Concept won the TEDxSydney pitch night in The Sydney Opera House


  • Used as Project Leader Training at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) - Finished in the finals for the best leadership program in Australia


  • These techniques are used in the Russian military


  • There are more than 400 of the world's best neuroscientists working on projects related to the concept at Sydney University.  

In this one day workshop you will learn the theory and all the practical practices of how to train your nervous system and implement these techniques in your everyday life.


The Benefits

  • Feel Present and in control of your emotional reactions 


  • Keep up your positive mindset regardless of your surroundings


  • Release the nervous system of chronic pain and tension and rewire your instincts so that stress becomes a trigger for relaxation. 


  • Stay mentally sharp and energetic throughout the day


  • Sharpen the brain-body connection 


  • Understand your emotions better


  • Access the profound mental clarity that comes from the intelligence of the heart   


About The Founder

Dr. Kaushik Ram works with forward thinking cooperations, government departments and leading education providers to unlock their natural abilities. He pioneers research into the nervous system and leads groundbreaking talks in Australia and globally.

For six years, he worked as a Neuroimaging Specialist at the Westmead Millennium Institute, University of Sydney. Here, he was the central figure in the MRI arm of the Emotional Wellbeing Project comprehensively examining mental disorders including schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, ADHD and conversion disorder.

He currently partners with the About My Brain Institute and has run Australia’s first study using neurotechnology within organisations. As one of the world’s elite thinkers in managing stress and fear in the nervous system, he advises high performing individuals on how to trust their natural abilities and create influence.

Founding Director of the Institute for Implicit Intelligence, his specialises in non-cognitive intelligence such as intuition, instinct and various elevated brain states such as hypnotic, trance-like and flow states. He is the acclaimed author of the captivating book – Hidden World. In this book, he tackles the critical issue of how the evolution of humankind has been hijacked by the brain and as a result, humans have lost the non-cognitive intelligence of their own bodies.