Promotional Video Package Proposal

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a diverse promo video for the venue what highlights it's unique selling points and show all the different kind of events it can accommodate from weddings and dance parties to corporate summits.

The goal is to produce strategic content what can be used on every online platform to promote the diversity of the venue and to expand its markets and business operations.

Event/Promotional Video Package

1) Coming up with the best content strategy for the venue

2) Coming up with the creative concepts

3) 1 day of shooting of the venue and the event

4) 1 week of post-production

5) 1 modification round

6) Optimizing the content for every platform



  • Our standard event video price of one video:

       $ 2,500,-/video ($ 10,000/ 4 videos)

  • Discounted (-30%) price of one video for Albert Palais:

       $ 1,800,-/video  (7,200/ 4 videos)



The Package You Picked

  • Further Discount (-52%) on bundle video package with 4 videos of 4 different events including post-production (best value):

       $ 1,200,-/video ($4,800/ 4 videos)

Let me know if you have any questions