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The Secret Agency Content Rate Sheet


The Purpose of the sheet

Is to increase your competitiveness and give you the power to function as a "full service" digital agency including strategic, result-oriented content production.


This sheet will give a simple, flexible and structured system to help you quote content for your clients so you can structure your packages and margins and significantly increase the ROI of your campaigns using high quality optimised visual content. 

Rates (discounted and simplified)

The basic factors influencing the pricing will mainly be time (day/half day) and production type (shooting/editing):

  • 1 day of shooting: $1,000

  • 1 day of editing: $600

  • 1/2 day of shooting: $700

  • 1/2 day of editing: $400

  • 5-10 Free Edited Photos Included in every package

If we need a second shooter, have to purchase stock videos or rent some special gear the cost of that comes on top of these rates. Same applies to travelling outside of Sydney.

Here you can find the different kind of productions with the estimated time and production type included.

         These are just indicative prices they may change based on the specific requirements of each project.


Types of Productions

Taliking Head Explainer/Promo Video

Shooting: ~1 day

Editing:~2 days

Price: ~$2,200/ 2 episodes (~5 min each) or 1 longer video (~15 min)


Shooting: ~1-1/2 day

Editing:    ~1-3 days

Price:      ~ $ 1,300/ half day-long event

              ~ $ 2,700/ full day event

Hype Promo Video

Shooting: ~1 day

Editing:~2-3 days

Online Course

Shooting: ~1 day

Editing:~2 days/ every hour of content

Let me know if you have any questions